Moody Quotes – Suveen Kumar

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a quote is worth a thousand sentences. Sometimes a whole story may not say the thing that a quote may do. The more you talk the lesser it affects. Quotes are like diamond, short in size but giant in price.

I am not much impressed with how much people talk but how much they say in their talk. I always wanted to bring out a big message in a small line. So the idea of writing a novel or stories books couldn’t motivate me enough that is why every time I started to write, I had to leave them undone. I have been very very picky what I read and how much I learn out of it. So I have written these short and solid quotes keeping in mind that the reader gets maximum benefits in minimum effort.

These quotes are categorized as per the moods so that reader can easily choose to read in what mood they are in. most of the quotes are dialogue based so that the reader can directly use them in a general conversation. Most of the quotes are ironic and full of wisdom. These quotes will also help you develop eloquence and wit and will make you a good conversationalist. Despite all the efforts it is very possible that this book may contain some language error a. Your feedback and comments are  courteously welcome. It will only help me improve and put the message right.

Stress Buster – Suveen Kumar

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No solution is permanent because neither is the problem. But if we see, it is not about being temporary and permanent; eventhough the problems are temporary it can hit you too hard to walk. The words like permanent, always, never, real and sure are simply too much for us to discuss. So the trick is to do what we can do, to be all we can be and see all we can see.
This book has more than 300 tips to help you through tough times. Though these tips may sound very simple and common but they are very logical and effective. Some tips may sound absolutely weird but they start making a lot of sense only when you start following them.
Don’t overlook the importance of emotional peace. Emotional peace will bring balance in your life, the balance will create harmony and the harmony will lead you to the happiness. Remember! You can’t kill the problems, you can only deal with them and dealing requires compromises form both sides.
You can gift this book to your loved ones who are away from you so that even though you are not there your dear suggestions are still with them.
The only way to handle the problems is to keep solving it. Leaving or ignoring them will only turn them in to emergencies and emergencies have no cost limit, they can also cost your life. So refusing is not a way out, the only is to defuse it. Winston Churchill says “If you are going through hell, the only way through is, Keep going.

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