Confession Box


Confession Box

 ” If You Can Con-FESS it, You can FACE it ” 

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Hope Coach Says 

Confession is not a fashion, but a daring truth. it’s is the beginning of letting go your bad and ending of what you so far thought as good. You confess not when you get weak and want to walk away; you confess when you finally feel stronger and capable of standing against still with some fear in heart. Confession is not madness rather it is a cure of madness.

Now, we are found doing a lot of confessions, but even confessions are full of lies. Today, the most difficult confession is that, I am happy. Everybody wants to be happy but nobody wants to tell they are happy. It’s not to just about accept your weaknesses; it is about stop strengthening your weaknesses. Acceptance is the first step of change not the last. Some people believe that confession is a self-forgiveness. Confession doesn’t get the wrongs accepted as right; it only gets wrong accepted finally as wrong. Your judgment and reasons don’t determine others positions, they only do yours. You can’t ignore things more than their limits; once the limit is crossed you have to accept them as they are.

Write us what you want to confess to someone and the world and let it go. You can write it at with your name, place, dedicated to and incidence descriptions and related pictures (Optional). Let the whole world listen what you want to say and let yourself relieve for what has been in you deep down inside. 



yourhopeline is not responsible for the accuracy of story and incident as we have no way to verify it. this is purely trust based practice. if someone reports your confession as an inappropiriate, false or coocked we will have to take it off from the web. writing your confession is not a story competition. say only if you have something to say not just because you have to say something.