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United Nations Emotional Support Hotline

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if Hope is all you have
Hope is all what you need 

Your Hope is just a Call Away Speak with one of our pscyhologists Now 

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Where ever in the world you are, Whatever time it is, Whatever culture or belief you have, Whatever language you speak; However difficult time it is - Hope is all you need, However you are feeling right now, Whatever you are dealing with. Hope is just a click away - Just Hold  on to it 


Calls answered so far by our trained Hope Coaches & Psychologists


Our trained counselors have proudly received more than 93% of satisfaction ratio 


We have entertained people from 70+ countries on the world map ever since 2012

"Help Your Hope Line
build Hope Centers "

Online meeting
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You will never know what hope can do, what help
can dounless you have met someone who received it 

You may not be able to change the world by helping
some people but you can go and ask that the worlds 
of those people you helped have certainly changed

There are million people who seek help in their 
bad times; help Your Hope Line psychologist
chang their life 

"Become a Certified Hope Coach & Work with Your Hope Line   "

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There is nothing more beautiful than watching
people smiling and there is nothing more powerful
than knowing you are the reason of thier smile.
Help Your Hope Line bulid Hope Centers across
the world and encourage our young psychologist
to accelarate thieir passion in mental health


        Speak with one of our          Psychologists 24X7 

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