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United Nations Your Hope Line

A part of United Nations Economic and social Council

World Counseling Center

"If Hope is all you have
Hope is all what you need"

Certified Psychologist

Confidential & non-judgemental

Internationally accepted programs


A Song of Hope from Your Hope Line

Your Hope is just a Call Away Speak with one of our pscyhologists Now 
Where ever in the world you are, Whatever time it is, Whatever culture or belief you have, Whatever language you speak; However difficult time it is - Hope is all you need, However you are feeling right now, Whatever you are dealing with. Hope is just a click away - Just Hold  on to it 

You will never know what hope can do, what help can unless you have met someone who received it You may not be able to change the world by helping some people but you can go and ask that the worlds of those people you helped have certainly changed There are million people who seek help in their  bad times; help Your Hope Line psychologist chang their life 


World Counseling Video Hotline

Where the world finds solace on a single click. Across the globe, in life's darkest scenes, our trusted counselors shine as guiding stars. In this cinematic journey of support, we bridge distances with a click, uniting hearts in need. When life's script turns stormy, we're your on-demand heroes, ready to bring hope's sunshine. The screen may separate us, but our empathy knows no bounds


What we offer at Your Hope Line


One Click Video Hotline

One-click video hotline, connecting hearts worldwide. When you need support, we're just a click away, bringing hope through screens. Our trained counselors are here to listen, anytime, anywhere


1 to 1 & Group Counseling

Offering one-to-one counseling, where your story takes center stage. Our compassionate counselors provide a listening ear and a guiding hand, walking beside you on your path to hope and healing


Mental health education

Pioneers in mental health education with worldwide acclaim. Our commitment to raising awareness and promoting mental well-being has earned us global recognition. Join us on this journey of understanding, where knowledge becomes the beacon of hope


CSR programs for corporates

Your Hope Line, not only a beacon for those in need but a pillar of social responsibility, as we extend our hand in community initiatives. Within our own family, we prioritize employee mental health, fostering a workplace where well-being thrives, ensuring that our team members find hope within these walls

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UN Counseling Cert Sample .jpeg

CSR Program with Corporate

Meaningful contribution

Impact report & global recognition

Emotional Insurance coverage 

"Your Hope Line" is more than just a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program; it's a commitment to shaping a better world. With a focus on mental health, we've embarked on a journey to not only enhance our company's global image but, more importantly, to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who cannot afford vital mental health services.

We believe that true success lies in uplifting others, and our CSR program is a testament to that belief. Through this initiative, we are reaching out to individuals in need, irrespective of their financial constraints, and providing them with access to professional mental health support.

By investing in mental health, we aim to break down barriers and stigmas surrounding mental well-being. Our program is a symbol of our commitment to a compassionate and inclusive world, where everyone has the opportunity to nurture their mental health.

Through "Your Hope Line," we are not only transforming lives but also contributing to a brighter, more empathetic, and mentally healthy global community. This program stands as a beacon of hope, symbolizing our dedication to a more compassionate and mentally resilient world.

 Education & Programs on Mental Health

Globally accepted 

Trained by licensed psychologist

Flexible learning

Your Hope Line's mental health programs have earned prestigious recognition from the United Nations ECOSOC, a testament to our unwavering commitment to promoting Good Health & Well-being worldwide. Our initiatives align seamlessly with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, championing mental wellness as a fundamental cornerstone of a better world.

Through our globally accepted programs, we strive to destigmatize mental health, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life have access to the support they need. We provide a safe space for healing, emphasizing the crucial link between mental well-being and overall health.

In partnership with communities and organizations worldwide, Your Hope Line is dedicated to fostering a world where everyone's mental health matters. We believe that by improving mental well-being, we can create a more inclusive, empathetic, and resilient global society, bringing us closer to the vision of a healthier, happier world for all


A Quick look on milestones by Your Hope Line

Watch the Wisdom of Your Hope Line


Clients & orgnizations of Your Hope Line

What People say ....

“I'm so grateful for the support I received from Your Hope Line. The counseling services helped me overcome my anxiety and depression.”

Amrit Kaur, Punjab, India

“The online therapy platform was so convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend Your Hope Line for anyone who needs mental health support.”

Kavita Sinha, Mumbai, India

“Your Hope Line provides compassionate and professional mental health care. I feel so much better after working with their therapists.”

Jeevan Das,Kolkata, India

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  1. Access to Expert Guidance: As a mental health member of Your Hope Line - World Counseling Center recognized by the United Nations ECOSOC, you gain access to a network of highly qualified counselors and therapists. You can benefit from their expertise, receiving personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique needs.

  2. Global Support Network: Being part of this prestigious organization means you are connected to a global community of individuals dedicated to mental health and well-being. You can share experiences, insights, and resources with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

  3. Credibility and Trust: Membership in a center recognized by the United Nations ECOSOC lends credibility and trust to your mental health journey. You can have confidence in the quality of services provided and the organization's commitment to promoting mental health awareness and advocacy on a global scale.

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Vision : Our vision is to give people some hope and options to live in their bad times that affect their personal, professional, educational, motivational and spiritual life. It is a sincere effort to help improve the overall well-being of people worldwide

Mission : Our mission is to open "Your Hope Centres" in every corner of the world where anyone of us can freely approach for any mental health issues and over all well being under United Nations sustainable development goal

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