What is it ?

Your Hope Line is a registered trust under section 60 that works as an emotional support center and offers hope and options to live and lead one’s personal life, professional life, educational life, motivational life and spiritual life. It has been serving people worldwide since 2014. It is headquartered in Noida and offers counselling services by Telephone Face to face and Web-based. This is absolutely free, non-judgmental and confidential. The practice of counselling at your hope line is opinion-based.

How It Works ?

It is as simple as calling your hope line to fix an appointment with one of our hope coaches and you are done. You can schedule telephonic, face to face or video based. Your Hope Line doesn't take donations from people and outrightly boycott regular Non-profit practices. It offers all of its services Pay What You Can basis. That means any amount one can afford and it can be as low as one wants to pay. Our mission is to open "Your Hope Centres" in every corner of the world where anyone of us can freely approach for any free counselling and hope coaching.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to open "Your Hope Centres" in every corner of the world where anyone of us can freely approach for any free-opinion based counselling. Our vision is to give people some hope and options to live in their bad times that affect their personal, professional, educational, motivational and spiritual life. It is a sincere effort to help improve the overall well-being of people worldwide. Your Hope Line has been serving thousands of people since 2013 who have been longing for hope and emotional support in life.


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Power of hope can not  be understood by reading hope stories or listening to a hope seller but simply by Giving to someone who hopelessly longing for it and waiting for it. Your Hope Line has given hopes to hundreds and thousands of people . Where you are in the world, however you are feeling, know that hope is just a call away. Book Your Free Hope Call with  one of the Hope Coaches of Your Hope Line in now. Your Hope Call was free, is free and will always be free. 

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When you talk, it solves. Whether you talk one to one or in group. The power of talk can be seen when this is the first thing you do and when you can do nothing but this. Your  Hope Line this service offers many talk programs like webinars, interviews, training, conferences, stories and speeches. Hope Talk is one of the most loved program done by Your Hope Line for community services and businesses. The range and variety of conversation make this one stop shop for many social activists and change makers. Book Your Hope Talk and be one with Your Hope Line.

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