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Become our Learning Partner

Join Your Hope Line – A World Counseling Center.  Partner with us in transforming lives through mental health and psychoeducation. As a recognized force by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, we stand at the forefront of impactful change. Collaborate with our esteemed organization to shape a healthier, more resilient world.


Together, let's pioneer innovative learning initiatives, promote well-being, and create a future where mental health is a global priority. Elevate your mission with Your Hope Line, where recognition meets relentless dedication to mental health advancement. Let's inspire, educate, and make a profound difference, one partnership at a time

4 Step Registration Process

Step one: Apply & Submit required documents like Company registraion documents, pan card, aadhar card, work portfolio all as one pdf documentwithin 24- 72 hours you will receive a call from the verification department

Step two: Make the payment and share the screenshot the on email or given whatsapp no. and wait for receipt. [Note that in case your approval is not accepted for some reason the payment will be credited in the same account within 24 hours.
Rs. 40,000/- Per year

Step three: Once approved. Submit your orgnization website link and it's logo for hosting this under registered partner section and delivery of your partnership certificate.

Step four: Book a partnership call with your relationship manager to learn more as how you can make most out of this valued accrediation and global presence. 


Partner's Registration form

Please fill out the details correctly

7 Partner's Benefits

Global Recognition: Affiliation with a renowned organization like Your Hope Line - World Counseling Center, recognized by the United Nations ECOSOC, can enhance the organization's global reputation and credibility.

Access to Resources: Approved learning partners may gain access to resources, materials, and tools developed by Your Hope Line - World Counseling Center, which can enrich their training programs and services.

Networking Opportunities: Being part of a global network facilitated by Your Hope Line - World Counseling Center and its affiliation with ECOSOC can provide valuable networking opportunities with other organizations, experts, and stakeholders in the field of counseling and mental health.

Quality Assurance: Affiliation with an approved learning partner status signifies a commitment to maintaining high standards of counseling and mental health services, thus ensuring quality assurance and trust among stakeholders.

Research Collaboration: Your Hope Line - World Counseling Center may engage in research activities, and approved learning partners could have the opportunity to collaborate on research projects, contributing to advancements in the field.

Access to Funding: Affiliation with a prestigious organization like Your Hope Line - World Counseling Center, particularly as part of ECOSOC, may open doors to potential funding opportunities or grants to support organizational initiatives and projects.

Publicity and Visibility: Affiliation with Your Hope Line - World Counseling Center, especially as an approved learning partner under ECOSOC, can provide organizations with increased publicity and visibility, potentially attracting clients, donors, and collaborators who value the association with a reputable global entity.

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